Thursday, January 1, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This week's version of Throw Back Thursday is a couple weeks overdue. I apologize for that but the holidays got the best of me the past couple of weeks, and to be honest...baking cookies with my kids, eating special meals together, going to the movies, and loving on the new puppy were just way more important. Don't you agree?

This week's quilt is named Kelly Michelle and it's one the best selling patterns in my shop. The reason this quilt was created all began with a simple question from my sweet daughter many years ago...

I had just shown her brothers their new Christmas quilts for their beds and she was more excited than they were. She loved them! And she was so excited to see her new Christmas quilt! It was finished for the next Christmas (2008 maybe?) and she didn't mind waiting at all. She's always been a patient child (having twin brothers 15 months younger than you will do that!)

I chose these fabrics and colors because her room was very girly at the time and I knew she would like these better than dark reds and greens. I chose the snowflake background and backing fabrics to make it more wintery and less Christmassy but it easily serves both purposes.

A few years ago she sheepishly walked into my sewing room while I was quilting and said...Mom, hypothetically speaking, what IF a little tiny bit of nail polish got on my Christmas quilt? In the white part? I had to smile. First, because she's so cute, and second, because I love her WAY more than I love any quilt. I simply told her that... Hypothetically speaking, it would be there forever, because nail polish does not come out of quilts. But that it would be okay, because quilts and be replaced.

She still uses that quilt on her bed every Christmas, and the matching pillow cases that I made. And you can barely find the tiny bit of nail polish...

I'll be doing a "throw back thursday" on the first and third thursdays of every month (hopefully) and will have linky access for those of you that want to share your older quilts. I really love seeing them, so go dig them out and start taking photos of them! Just click on the linky below and follow the directions, it's really easy.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Thank you Diane for this first party of the year! Your quilt is a real beauty!

  2. What a lovely quilt. It's easy to see why it is a best selling pattern. I particularly like the scalloped edges.

  3. I love this quilt. What a great pattern for leftovers.

  4. Very sweet! I'ts a great pattern for lots of different colorways.:) My oldest daughter wore holes in one of her quilts when she was younger! They are definitely meant to be used well!

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