Sunday, February 8, 2015

Challenge Quilts

(Note: there are shiny little teeth in the bag and her hair is beaded!)

 What is a quilt challenge? A challenge quilt is made for a 'competition' set up by a group, with specific guidelines and 'challenges'. This year my guild had a fun challenge that had a bit of a twist. Each participant chose a fortune cookie. Inside that fortune cookie was a date and the holiday or event that it celebrates. The challenge was to make a quilt that represented the holiday, was no larger than 24'' square and must have as much 'sparkle' as possible.

(Watermelon day featured sequins cut into seed shapes and ants on the picnic blanket binding)

The quilts were charmingly displayed on a clothesline that hung in front of a row of windows. So while they were super cute for viewing, it was rather challenging (pun intended) to photograph them. They are much sparklier than they appear.

(Sunglasses Day features 'Selfia' at the beach, Too cute!)

I wasn't able to photograph all of them due to the angle of the light coming through the windows. But I think you get the idea that this is a pretty creative group!

(Letter Writing Day was an actual envelop that opened up!)

(Leap Frog Day had a fun curved border and some really cute creatures.)

(Humbug day featured a noisy bug...I laughed out loud at this little guy!)

(PB & J day featured glitter painted jelly fabric. How fun or those fence rail sandwiches?)

(And this one featured a photograph of the quilter with some scary shiny eyes.)

These and all of the rest of the challenge quilts will be shown at the annual Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild show next month. To find out more information about the show, go here. I'll be there and I hope I'll see you!



  1. What fun! Sounds like a challenge I would have enjoyed participating in!

  2. I don't participate in challenges, I just get a complete block and feel so lame when I don't produce something by the due date. However, I LOVE seeing how creative others are and your group is no exception. Thanks for sharing and the narrative for things we couldn't see very well.

  3. You have a very creative guild! Great quilts, and a joy to see. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a interesting challenge and very creative results. I've never heard of some of those days, they're so fun!


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