Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ice + Snow + Rain = Cold Mud

So the weather has been less than delightful this past week. And by that I mean, we are freezing our tushies off and we are SO OVER IT.
But rather than complain, I will say that I ventured out to my Bee Group on Friday and had a delightful time hand stitching and visiting with my sweet friends. Yesterday, I delivered four teenage boys to the movie theater and then settled into a comfy chair at a nearby bookstore and did some hand quilting.  And today, my girl and I are getting manicures and then I'll be back home for more hand quilting! As long as I need to be snuggled under a quilt, I might as well be productive don't you agree?

Stay warm and keep stitching!


  1. I am so jealous you have a cozy bookstore to hang out in. Ours is horrible and they got rid of the coffee shop and there is not even any seating. My days as a taxi are over,so I don't need to hang out in town like I used to. Good luck on trying warm!

  2. I completely agree with you Diane... wonderful program, who cares about the bad weather as long as we can stay warm inside and quilt!

  3. Sounds perfect to me! Stay warm.

  4. I'm thoroughly sick of winter and we haven't had nearly the mess y'all have! Spring can't be too far away - stay warm and keep quilting!

  5. I hope you are getting over the lousy weather. Sounds like you've made some fun decisions about how to pass the time!


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