Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Team USA

Team USA is the second quilt of mine that appears in the current issue of Scrap Quilts magazine. Clicking on the link will show you a photo of each of the projects in the magazine. It's full of awesome quilts (but I may be biased.)

I stitched this quilt while watching the winter Olympics last year. I was having so much fun watching the events that I wanted to make something in the team colors. After looking through and old book of quilt blocks, the block named 'ice crystals' seemed very appropriate. I changed it up a bit so that it used only half square triangles. The block above has not yet been sewn together, it just shows the placement for the triangles.

I made four blocks and sewed them together. After contemplating several border options, I decided to simply repeat the half square triangles. This quilt was made entirely from my stash of red, white and blue fabrics. Even the backing and binding were from my stash. I am super pleased with it, and I really enjoyed stitching it while viewing the events of the Olympics. 

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Whats not to love about stars, a scrappy look and red/white and blue! Congrats on this one being in the magazine.:)

  2. I can see I need to find the magazine--I love scrappy quilts and both of your designs are great (my favorites!).

  3. Nice job! My favorite colors too.


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