Monday, February 2, 2015

This weekend...

I taught this workshop again to a really fun bunch of ladies!

There was some serious sewing and socializing going on...

And these batiks were gorgeous!

I am a sucker for stripes though, and how cute are these?

One of the quilters really knows how to travel! This thing pops open and folds up with enough room to hold her machine as well as all of her supplies! She said it was purchased at Lowe's. I might have to go shopping.

And they provided breakfast and lunch. This was the best donut I have ever eaten, Hands down. 

And this pile of fabric might have been my favorite. The lovely Gwen was working on these. She had been to my workshop two weeks earlier and has clearly made some progress!

This entire stack of blocks belongs to Gwen. It's going to be gorgeous!

And then Sunday morning I opened my kitchen cabinet to grab a coffee mug and was greeted by this sight. I had to laugh. 

And while I got some computer work done at my desk, Boomer took a nap by my feet. He know how to play hard, and he knows how to nap hard. I love this crazy dog!

Hope your weekend involved some fabric, fun, and friends!


  1. This looks like such a great workshop

  2. great workshop pieces. Oh Boomer - you are tooo fluffy and cute :)
    love your mugs.

  3. We had such a wonderful time at the workshop! Thank you so much for coming and helping me conquer my fear of curves!!!


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