Thursday, March 26, 2015

1718 Coverlet Continued...

(This is the large block found in the top two corners of the quilt.)

I may be slightly obsessed. I have been making some of the patchwork blocks now and prepping more applique blocks to put in my little travel case. I finished the block above tonight as well.

( I made all six of the these that are found throughout the quilt.)

These were fun to make and easy, I love easy! I don't mind the hard blocks, but having a simple one is kind of a relief sometimes. Know what I mean?

(I made four of these.)

These blocks were not hard, but I am seriously in need of practicing my inside points on the applique. This fabric frays a LOT and I am sure my stitches are too big, but I want that sucker to stay in place. My quilts travel with me for trunk shows and they get folded and unfolded often. They work hard and I don't want them to fall apart!

( I made two of these.)

Again, I enjoyed the quick and easy block above. The instructions were different than any I had used before, so I just made two flying geese and sewed them together. Worked like a charm!

( I made two of these.)

 Again, please don't judge my applique. I do try my best, but I am no perfectionist (obviously.) I want to improve my applique skills because while they are fairly good in my opinion, there is definitely room for progess.

(And two of these.)

I think using fabrics that are a bit different for me, and that I happen to adore, is making this project even more fun. I am combining colors and patterns that I have previously never worked with. So it is a little scary but a lot of excitment. I never really know how a block is going to look and I love surprises! 
(The top three rows without the large corner blocks.)

I have sewn these rows together and have more blocks made. I think the blocks themselves are fun but they are better together. When this quilt is done, it's going to be SO different than any other project I've ever made. It reminds me a bit of my Dear Jane experience, only with a lot fewer bad words.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I feel the same way about my blocks--totally out of my comfort zone, but I am liking how they all work together. I have completely wimped out on the applique blocks and only do the main shape on a single background--or maybe that's lazy?? Try a teensy dab of fray check on a toothpick on your inside corners--it helps!

  2. I didn’t realize you were making this quilt. I love your fabric choices for your blocks.
    Some of these blocks are a bit confusing to put together and I think I am going to try to figure out another way of making some of them

  3. It is a bit of an unusual quilt, but what fun it looks like to make!

  4. I love your blocks and fabrics. It's funny, I recognize some fabrics I used when I was in my antique quilts reproduction phase!

  5. It certainly is a challenge to select fabrics for this one. Wow - what a nice job you have done - a beautiful combination!

  6. I am loving your fabrics for this quilt! Really, really fun to see this one come together! I can see why you might be a bit obsessed with working on it!

  7. I really love the fabrics that you used !! Is it difficult to choose them ?
    Have a nice WE !!

  8. quirky blocks - glad you're having fun with them! your fabrics are great.


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