Monday, March 2, 2015

7 quilts

7 quilts got labels and sleeves and stuffed into pillowcases and dropped of at Bulloch Hall yesterday. And those were just the ones made by me. Almost 200 others were delivered as well. Have you made plans to visit the show this year? If not, here's a few reasons that just might persuade you...

1. Bulloch Hall is a beautiful historic home that deserves a visit all on it's own.
2. Where else can you see almost 200 quilts displayed in such a location?
3. Just down the street is the lovely old town area with lots of cute shops and restaurants. Make it a day!
4. There are 3 quilt shops within 30ish minutes (depends on traffic and weather).
5. There will be charming quilters giving demonstrations and selling cute show pins and DVDs with the entire quilt collection.
6. You've been couped up way too long because of this nasty weather, and this is a great excuse to get out and do something fun!
7. The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop will also be going on, just tack the show onto your list of stops.
8. The Sewing and Quilting Expo will also be going on, so if you've driven all that way, you might as well stop in and see us too.
9. What else can you do for less than 10 bucks?
10. You can buy a chance to win our gorgeous raffle quilt.

Now go call some friends and make your plans!
I'll see you there,


  1. I'd love to but probably not this year.:) lol Sounds fun!

  2. Would love to come also, but I don't think I can make it there and back in two days. Can't take any time off from work yet, as I'm still in the new-hire phase. Sigh.


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