Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Label crazy...

Do you ever go a little nuts with a label? I used some scraps for the border and some bits of leftover fabric that had fusible on them already for the flower. After I fused it, I just zig zagged around the edges. The variegated thread around the flower petals doesn't quite match like I had hoped, but it's on the back of the quilt so I decided to be okay with it. I ran a little hand stitching around the edge to mimic the hand stitching on the front of the quilt. I may have gone a little crazy, but it matches the quilt! (and probably me too for that matter) LOL

Enjoy every stitch!

PS. You can see the front of the quilt when my book comes out next year! Eek!!


  1. I think it looks just perfect. I wish I was better at putting labels on my quilts.

  2. What a sweet label! I only take the extra time when I'm gifting my quilt and even then, it's gotta be something special.:)


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