Monday, March 16, 2015

The 1718 Coverlet: Fabric Choices

Before starting this quilt along, I really had a hard time deciding which fabrics to use. Now I'm getting some questions about the fabrics that I have chosen. I was lucky enough to go to the European Patchwork and Quilting expo when my kids were 4 and 5 years old (they are now 16 and 17) Feel free to do that math, I prefer to pretend I am NOT that old yet. Anyway...I purchased this fabric bundle from a booth at the expo that was from the quilt shop in Paris called LeRouvray. Sadly, I think they are no longer, but I did get to visit them on a quick trip to Paris a few years later. These fabrics are from a line they created and they are gorgeous to look at and to work with. I have been saving them for over a decade, and now I'm using them. Life is short...use your best fabric NOW!

I have added a few other fabrics that play well, only because I don't think I will have enough from this fat quarter bundle. And they are probably not easy to get a hold of now that they are over a decade old. LOL

I'm making the blocks in the order that Sarah is sharing them, with one variation. Some of these blocks will repeat again in the quilt later, so I make all of the ones I will need at one time. I just think it's easier, and the book states where they will be located. I just count up how many locations and make that many. The photo above shows the first three rows and the 'extras' that I will need in the future.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Great fabrics - I think they will make a very striking quilt!

  2. i agree! have fun with this new project

  3. gorgeous fabrics....your quilt, your choice, that is how it goes!

  4. Very pretty and special fabrics! I've been making the repeat blocks too--I just hope the colors work out down the line!

  5. That's great you'll get to use them in this quilt. Perfect time!

  6. Beautiful idea to use them for this quilt !!
    Unfortunately, Le Rouvray is closed since 2 years.....:(
    I really love this shop because they had american fabrics and amazing patterns ...

  7. Wonderful to be using your special fabrics.:) It's a great combo. the pattern and fabric!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Those fabrics are so beautiful and you've brought them out to use for such a special quilt. You're off to a great start with all those blocks.


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