Friday, March 20, 2015

Why I belong to a Bee group

(Pasty with her fabric stash)

What is a Bee Group?

Bee groups can vary, but they are basically a small group of quilters that get together on a regular basis to stitch and visit. Some groups work on charity quilts, some work on their own ufo's, some make blocks for special causes, and some do any combination of these things. 

(Patsy said she bought this house because the railing was perfect for hanging quilts...
good move Patsy!)

Why is my Bee Group special?

I suppose every quilter thinks her Bee group is special, but mine is made up of six very talented and generous women. We each have our own style of quilting, and we each prefer different methods and techniques.  We range in age from 40ish to 80ish. We work on charity projects occasionally. We work on group projects occasionally. We always bring our own projects to stitch on and talk about. We love to get advice on fabric choices and construction methods. We share ideas and patterns and information. We all love fabric, chatting, eating and laughing!

(This is Rusty, he let's Patsy live in his house.)

What do we do?

We meet once a month, rotating to a different member's home each time. We start at 10am with coffee and stitching. We stitch and visit until lunch time and then the hostess serves lunch. Sometimes we celebrate a birthday, or an event. Afterwards, we usually poke around the hostess's quilt room and 'ooh and ah' over her stash. We also enjoy looking at the quilts on display in her home (or thimble collection, or photos of know, important stuff!)

(Yes, those are buttons sewn all around the border.)


We share upcoming events and plan special trips to local quilt shows or speakers. We make road trips to quilt shops once or twice a year. We've even been known to take overnight trips to very important quilting events and fabric stores. 

(More of Patsy's stash.)

But most importantly...

We support one another. We truly, deeply, care about each other's well being (their whole life, not just their fabric stash!) We send cards, we call each other, we give little gifts. We lift each other up, we celebrate life's wonderful moments, and we hug each other through the tough times. We have welcomed grandbabies, celebrated weddings, and shared safari adventures. We've waited through surgeries, and we've attended funerals. We've said goodbye to friends moving overseas and cross country. We've had joints replaced, lumps removed and broken bones. But we are women who quilt and care about one another. We can do anything we set our minds to...and we have chosen each other!

I am so very blessed to be surrounded by strong, beautiful women with crazy amounts of talent. And that's why I belong to a bee group. 

(And the desserts are always amazing!) 

Enjoy every stitch,


  1. Your group sounds wonderful! Thanks for the peek into Patsy's home.

  2. Our previous house had a railing where I hung quilts. Loved it. But it was not as wide as the one you show in the photo.

  3. The social parts of a quilt group are just as importants as the stitches and projects we make. The women in my group and groups have touched my life in so many ways. It sounds like these women have done the same for you.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful group of women!

  5. Amen! Gotta love and appreciate all the good people in your life! :-)
    ... and the desserts too! ;-)

  6. What a great post Diane! I wish I could write as well as you! Anyway your group seems wonderful and is quite similar to mine, the difference is that we meet every week and we don't have lunch... after eating so many cakes, it would be too much!

  7. Bee groups are the best! I sure miss mine in IL and NJ.....still trying to find one here in CT

  8. I enjoyed the tour of Patsy's home and learning more about your bee group.

  9. You are very lucky to have such a great bee block! Ours kind of fell apart and I haven't managed to find one I'm excited to be a part of.:)

  10. I meant to say bee 'group' of course.:)

  11. I was in a group for a while but life got in the way, Your group sounds wonderful.

  12. You are blessed! I tried starting a group and people were not interested in investing in others outside their family. It was very disappointing.


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