Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gardenvale Play

 When this fabric collection was released at market I thought I would never be able to wait until it hit stores. I was so anxious to get a hold of this gorgeous fabric that I was on the constant look for it online. As luck would have it, I found someone who had picked it up at market and was selling it. I don't think I've ever made an online purchase so quickly! I was thrilled. It arrived quickly and I just had to admire it for a bit.

 Anything this gorgeous needs to be appreciated, and drooled over for an appropriate length of time.

When I finally unfolded it, I found some of the pieces looked like this. Four for the price of one! Woohoo! I was so stinking excited!

 I made a few sample blocks. And I made a lovely step-by-step tutorial on how to chain piece these blocks. Then I flipped through the Quilt Lovely book by Jen Kingwell herself, (link to book below post) and found these exact same blocks in a different size. I would like to think it was a case of 'great minds think alike' but it was probably a subconsious channeling of the queen herself. LOL Since the blocks are in her book, I will refrain from sharing all of those tutorial photos I had taken, but trust me when I say they are good! Heck, anything from this fabric is good!

I then started grouping the fabrics and making more sets of chain pieced blocks...

 I found that I just couldn't stop...

Yep, I'm still at it! I have no idea if these are going to get pieced sashing or alternate blocks, or even put on point. Right now I'm just having so much fun making them, I don't want to stop!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Such cute fabric and adorable blocks!

  2. Your blocks are looking great! Such a pretty selection of fabrics, I too have ordered some!

  3. Your blocks look fabulous....and I don't use that word often :-)
    The fabric choices are stunning together!

  4. Wow those fabrics are gorgeous and your blocks will make a fabulous and I must say somewhat unconventional quilt!


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