Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quilting at the Beach...

(Sewing strips with a view of the idea of heaven!)

In addition to some simple strips for strip piecing, I brought some 1718 blocks to the beach last week. I thought that if we had a rainy day I might get some stitching done.

(Sunset from the roof deck!)

We did not have any rainy days, the weather was perfect all week! However, I did do some stitching here and there and managed to finish a few blocks.

(Maybe it will look better after I press it?)

I even tried stitching in the car, but since my husband thinks he's Mario Andretti, that's not always easy. LOL


  1. How lovely to spend some time near the beach. You're really making progress on your 1718 quilt. I've tried to sew in the car, but never seem to be comfortable doing it.

  2. Nice! Glad you got in a little stitching therapy. I understand having Mario for a driver...UGH!!!

  3. ahhh what fun! I can hear the ocean all the way here! I have hand quilted in the car. Works well for me on a long road trip.

  4. aaaahhh the beach at sunset is so beautiful.
    lol I have trouble sewing in the car too ;)


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