Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Quilting By the Bay

(Quilting by the Bay, Panama City Florida)

I will admit that I have wanted to visit this shop for years! My friend Darlene, shops there every year when she spends her month at the beach (I would have to hate her for that fact alone if she wasn't so incredibly sweet!) I've also seen their ads in magazines and visited their website.

I had high expectations and the shop did NOT disappoint. It was so cute and clean. The fabrics were so well organized by color and theme. The wall of notions almost made me swoon. I picked up a few fat quarters that reminded me of the beach and a few that were just really cute.

The customer service was friendly and another shopper was a blog reader of mine! How fun is that? When I told the kids later, one of the boys (not mine) said...Wow, your mom is famous. LOL

If you are ever in the panhandle of Florida, make a trip to visit this shop, you won't be disappointed, I promise!



  1. Oh, Diane - nothing better than exploring a new quilt shop ... especially one that you have had on your list of 'must visit' for so long. Looks like you found some wonderful treasures!!! Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Love the 'gator print and the star bursts in bright colors. Looks like a "must see" shop if in the area.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to visit! I can smell the sea air. :)

    And, I love your new wallpaper with your blue spiderweb quilt! It is so pretty and cheerful.

  4. So funny ...but he's right ! You're famous !! ^^
    Love your beautiful fabrics....

  5. Ooh, nice to visit a new quilt shop! Very fun to be recognized.:)

  6. Glad you enjoyed your trip to FL. And I think you're famous to a lot of people.


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