Friday, April 24, 2015

What a week and some quilting choices!

(fabrics waiting to be played with!)

It's been busy but wonderful around here. Between travelling to and from the regional track meet on Tuesday and Thursday to watch my boy run, I planted the summer veggie garden on Wednesday. I also hosted book club this week and managed to visit a friend and get some errands run and chores done. Basically, that means very little sewing happened. I plan to change that this weekend!

My list of quilting options looks like this:

1. Make a doll quilt for Lori's mini swap.

2. Design my entry for the AMB challenge which looks like lots of fun!

3. Begin making stars for the Stars in a Time Warp after being inspired by Barb.

4. Remake a few of the 1718 blocks that Boomer ate while I was planting the garden.

5. Finish my Gardenvale blocks and come up with a setting for them!

6. It really is time for me to re-visit my Nearly Insane blocks, or maybe not. LOL

7. Get started on my Ohio Sampler quilt like this one...

8. Finish the black and white version of Lime Twist.

9. Start the string quilt that I've been wanting to make for ages.

10. Cut the strips for a courthouse steps quilt that I want to make for my bed.

Actually, I may need more than just a weekend. :)
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you choose to do!


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