Monday, May 25, 2015

1718 Coverlet Continues...

Trefoil block pinbasted.

I work on the larger 1718 Coverlet blocks when I'm at home. They don't travel as easily as the small ones, and I still have LOTS of those to keep me busy on the road. I simplified both of these block by changing the background to one fabric. I like my fabrics and want to have them showcased. If I cut them up into tiny pieces it would be harder to see their details. 

Modified goose block.

The goose also got some modifications. I liked his wings pointy instead of rounded, and I made his beak closed and pointed as well. I will probably sew a button on for his eyes after the quilt is quilted.

I am not trying to reproduce this quilt exactly (obviously) but I am enjoying recreating the spirit of the quilt. I think if the original quilter had access to the fabrics I do, she might have made some of the same choices I am making. Maybe not, but that's the awesome thing about quilting, we can each make it our own, and the possibilities are unlimited!

You can follow along with the rest of the group on Instagram at #1718quiltalong or join the facebook HERE if you are stitching along.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I love your blocks with all the new fabrics and I agree with you about the original quilter.
    I also believe if these women had access to the products we have today they would have used them.

  2. Your blocks are wonderful! I like the way you're making them your own, while keeping the spirit of the original.

  3. I love your blocks. You are doing a perfect job of capturing the spirit of the original whist making little changes to the blocks.

  4. looking great! wow what a big FB group!

  5. It's a great pleasure to follow your progress and to see each time new wonderful blocks! And what do I see... such a pretty pincushion!


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