Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1718 Coverlet quilt along contines!

This is a 9" block that is found in the bottom center row of the quilt. I went ahead and decided on the fabrics for the larger blocks so that I wouldn't run out of pieces large enough (I'm working from a fat quarter bundle mostly). I decided not to piece the background because I like this fabric so much. I have simplified or reduced the pieces in many of the backgrounds because my fabrics are busy and I didn't want to loose the pretty patterns by cutting them too small. I have tried to stay true to the colors for the most part, and I've tried to mimic the background piecing even when I change it a bit. I like to think that the maker of the original would have done so as well if she had printed fabrics to work with as well. At the very least, I hope she would approve!

Enjoy every block!


  1. Great block! Your appliqué looks perfect. Good idea to make the larger ones first.

  2. FWIW, I approve! I like the concept of less busy-ness.

  3. Beautiful block and perfect applique!

  4. I like the applique blocks simplified--some of them don't make sense to me otherwise. You are going to have your entire top done before I even find time to start the April blocks--lol!


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