Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1718 Quilt Progress

I haven't worked on these blocks consistently the past week, but I do add stitches here and there when I have a chance. I have several blocks prepped for applique at all times, so I can just pick one up when I have a moment. This background for this flower block was simplified into an hourglass block. I also simplified the stem a tiny bit. The flower was supposed to be red, but I decided to use purple, because I was in a purple mood. I made two of these.

This block is a funny one. It is 9'' long but not quite as wide as the others. I chose to simplify the background again. I simply pieced three strips. I added the applique, then trimmed the background to the correct size. I made two of these.

Ok, this little flower is a bit pitiful. I simplified the background block to an hourglass block. I then appliqued the stem and leaf unit onto it. When I added the flower, it just didn't quite work out. I don't know if it is because the fabric is a loose weave. I'm still contemplating replacing it. The fact that I haven't pulled it out and redone it yet, leads me to believe I may decide it's good enough. In the grand scheme of the whole quilt, how noticeable is one wonky flower? Hmm.

Still enjoying every block of this quilt. Especially enjoying following along with the facebook group and seeing every one else's progress!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Honestly, with everything that is going on in this quilt, I think a wonky applique here and there will be more fun! I am enjoying your progress. :)

  2. Your blocks look so great! You're way ahead of me. I've been looking at ways to simplify some of the designs, especially the backgrounds. You've done a beautiful job. Hope you won't mind if I copy some of your simplifications. Love your fabric choices.

  3. The blocks look great - and the wonky one will pass the Galloping Horse Test, so you're good! I almost convinced myself to prep some of these blocks to work on during my (work) trip to Denver, but that moment of madness quickly passed.

  4. OOH that flower block with the stripe background is a knockout block!! I like the one you think it pitiful too, it has its own personality and will look great in the quilt.

  5. Wonkiness adds interest and is more like "real life" I love it.

  6. I think your flower will be okay--the original coverlet is pretty wonky everywhere!

  7. I think your flower will be okay--the original coverlet is pretty wonky everywhere!

  8. Great blocks! I think the flower should stay.:)


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