Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review, Dessert to Sea

One of the books I ordered last week is called Desert to Sea: 10 Quilts from Australian Designers.  My friend Rachael over at Blue Mountain Daisy posted about it on her blog. It was a book I had not even heard about, and yet it was already available here in the US. I got my copy before she got hers, and that didn't seem fair at all since she has a gorgeous quilt featured in the book!

So I promised her that I would share some photos. I absolutely love the photography in the book. Any time you can get a dog, horse and koala to all pose nicely with quilts, I'm impressed!

How sweet is that cutie? Oh, do you want to know about the quilts? Ok. They are impressive. And I mean, gorgeous, but still within reasonable ability to actually attempt at home. Gorgeous without being off-the-chart intimidating. Know what I mean? I love the colors and patterns and designs. They are all so Australian, yet all so very different and unique.

Here's a peek at Rachael's quilt. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the rick rack! I am also a sucker for yo-yo's. So I pretty much fell in love immediately. 

The book is printed on matte paper, not glossy, and the quality is excellent. The photographs are perfect, and the artists each share their thoughts on quilting and the projects. The directions are well written and the diagrams are in color. It is a gorgeous book that you will be very pleased with if you order it. There is a link below to Amazon for more information. 

Kuddos to Rachael and all the quilters included, it's a book to be proud of!

(Link is affiliate, the review and opinions are my own.)


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