Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Manifesto...

Word Art found here via Pinterest.

Every summer we make a list of things we want to accomplish or enjoy during our summer break from school. Summer seems to fly by, so it's good to have little reminders about what we want to enjoy before it's over. So far we have made the list below, but no doubt we will add to it.

1. Ride a roller coaster!
2. Have a cookout by the lake.
3. Grow a veggie garden.
4. Read a really good book.
5. Go to the movies.
6. Shoot fireworks on the 4th!
7. Climb a mountain.
8. Jet ski/ yolo board.
9. Clean out closets/ donate clothes.
10. Go to a water park.
11. Picnic at the covered bridge.
12. Boys run the Peachtree.
13. Horse shows...
14. Roast marshmallows over the firepit.
15. Pick berries/ bake a cobbler.

What's on your summer list?

Enjoy every sunny day!


  1. I love your list. I've got no kids to enjoy summer with.... although we made reservations to go rafting together. :)

  2. As Lori, I love your list. I love mountain, so climb a mountain seduices me and......spent my holidays with no clock !!! :))))

  3. I started verbalizing my list last night. I think I'm going to write it and post it so my guy can be reminded of what he wanted to do this summer! Thanks for the nudge

  4. Great list, I think I would like to do a lot of the same things!

  5. good list! we want to go to the zoo and Newport and our farm and oh yea, get hanna gall bladder out, lol


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