Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teaching Prep...

I always organize my quilts and pack them in the order in which I will talk about them when I give a program. When prepping for today's program, I put a few quilts on the table, turned my back to open another suitcase of quilts, and when I turned around I found a rather large 'kitty sized' lump in the quilt. She always jumps into the suitcases, and lays on top of the piles of quilts while I sort and pack them.

She looked so cute, I didn't bother her, and just packed up the rest of the quilts, and left the last suitcase for later. And when I came back, hours later...yep, she was still in there. She loves quilts. She may be a sassy thing, but she has good taste! (And I have lots of lint rollers!)



  1. Cats are all the same ! They always found the best place to sleep.....!

  2. This means you have to take her with you... so sweet!

  3. Looks just like my house! I keep thinking that I should buy stock in lint rollers!


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