Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beware of the Scrap Vortex...

(How cute is that zebra?)

So I started playing with my scraps after being inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts. She gave a wonderful tutorial on this method. I also incorporated some of Bonnie Hunter's 'crumb theory' and then I just started playing. I fussy cut some cute little surprises, and I made some log cabin blocks, and some half log cabin blocks. Once I got going, it was hard to stop.

My fancy set up includes opening a drawer to use as a shelf for my scrap basket. I can dig through it without getting up from my sewing machine. Also, it's mostly Boomer proof. (Nothing is completely Boomer proof!)

Then I started playing with the blocks and units on the design wall.

Do you see a pattern emerging here? Any suggestions on which solid color I should use as the sashing. I have a few to choose from in my stash, but I'm happy to consider suggestions. If you are considering trying this...Please be aware... it's incredibly addictive....you've been warned!



  1. It is addictive, I have many more to go though.....
    How about red? I do think it is a neutral!

  2. It's better to be addicted to fabrics instead of....another things !! LOL !
    Why not blue ?

  3. I love it! What about a black binding or black with white polka dots or stripes?

  4. OOH, this looks like it could be trouble. I think something with black and white might work.

  5. well for me, i have always wanted to do a scrappy quilt with a nice lemon yellow solid incorporated somehow....just gives it that sunshiny look i think...but with scrappy can do almost anything....even a nice pink, beige, light green....endless choices!

  6. So far I'm hanging tough on this QAL.:) Yours is looking great!

  7. I love this setting design. Not sure what color to use, maybe each sashing should be a different color 😊

  8. Very fun blocks! Red or cheddar would look great!

  9. I agree with Lori - red or cheddar!


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