Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book Review (sort of)

I obviously love books and reading and words and paper and anything that resembles a book or functions like a book. If you've been around here very long you know that I love to read novels, history, fiction, non-fiction, how to, and quilt books of course!

This time I am sharing a book that isn't really a book, it's a planner. It's called the Get To Work Book by Elise Cripe. I follow her blog over HERE and she also shares some great book reveiws as well. But I digress...

The thing I love about this planner is that it is flexible. I've always used a planner, and made lists, and added sticky notes and lists. I LOVE lists. Can't really make it through the day without a list. Sometimes my lists have support lists. What can I say?

People always ask me how I get so much done...the answer...making lists! I've even been known to add something to my list that I've already done, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. Don't works!

So when Elise announced that she was creating this planner, I knew I would have to jump on board. Not just because she is super cool, cute and grows her own veggies too, but because she's a list maker. I hesitated only because this version starts in July and runs through June. I'm a calendar girl. I like like to keep my years together January-December. But guess what? I can use this one as my 'warm up'. I can use this one until December, and even fill in dates ahead of time for events coming up in 2016 and then I can start over with a new one in January. Really. My planner, my rules. If I want to start over with the new one before I've used every page in this one, it's okay. I just gave myself permission. You can too, I'm giving you permission as well. I'm generous like that. :)

What do I love about this planner?

It's got lots of room for lists. Lots and lots of lists. We have established how I feel about lists right?
Okay. It also has no times marked on the daily spaces. I like that! My days vary greatly and I don't always want hourly time slots. I tend to do things that take up several hours or require travel, so this works much better for me. It also has a month at a glance. I need this for the travel and teaching that I do. I need to know how closely I can schedule one event to the next without overlapping travel days or event dates. It's so simple. My favorite thing about this planner is that I get to add my own style. I get to use washi tape, colored ink and sharpies. It all works, because it's a blank slate. The bonus: Elise must have known I was a quilter. It's got lots of graph paper for doodling block and quilting designs!

What would I change about this planner?

Seeing as I'm just getting started with it, I should probably save my criticism for after I've actually used it! While it does seem like it's made with good quality products, the clear cover on one of the monthly tabs is peeling. That doesn't bother me, but it would drive some people nuts. Also, I probably would have put a pocket on the inside of the front cover as well as the back. I just like having pockets. And I may just have to make a quilted journal cover for this and if I do, I can add my own pocket.

I'll update this review once I've had a chance to really work with this planner. If you want one too, you can order it here.


FYI: This post is not sponsored and links are not affiliate, just my humble opinion!


  1. I might have to order one of these! I'm a big list-maker - I inherited it from my mom (we used to tease her she had "lists for her lists"). I've always thought of my lists as transitory - something to be tossed in the trash when complete. The thought of keeping an organized record of them sounds appealing. The calendar part is less useful as I've become dependent on my computer & smartphone to keep track of schedules and appointments. I don't know if I can go back to using a paper calendar!

  2. I love planners too! I looked at this one for a bit but ended up with a Mioleskine. Lots of space for lists is important!

  3. i just recently returned to the Franklin Planner - I love a good planner


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