Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I love summer!

Summer is my season, always has been! I love the sunshine and long days. I love the heat and growing veggies in the garden. I love the slower pace (sometimes) and the extra fun activities. I especially love having my kiddos home all day (or at least coming and going all day!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we took a quick trip to NC last week. We spent all day Friday at Carowinds riding the roller coasters. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Sadly, Kelly didn't go with us because she was nursing a very swollen and bruised foot. Her horse got spooked and jumped while being led to the wash rack. He landed on her foot. Luckily no breaks, but some very sore bruising meant she couldn't walk. Sigh. So she stayed home and had a friend sleep over. They ordered pizza and soaked in the hot tub and watched lots of movies. I don't think it was too awful. :)

So we took the boys and their two friends (a set of brothers that went to the beach with us). We drove up Friday morning and were there when the park opened. We spent all day riding roller coasters, splashing in the water park and having fun. We left for two hours at dinner time to check into the hotel and eat a nice meal. I highly recommend Harry's if you haven't been there. And it was nice to have adjacent rooms (Bill and I were next door to the four boys) so we had lots of room to spread out. Thanks to Hyatt we had a free stay that we earned with our trip last August to Magic Mountain. Do you see a theme here? LOL

Then we went back to Carowinds and stayed until they closed. We had Fast Lane Ultra passes, so we never waited more than five minutes for a ride. We rode to our hearts content and left feeling like we had done everything we wanted to!

The next morning, after our complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we left for home. We stopped at Mary Jo's Cloth Store on the way home! If you haven't been to to Mary Jo's, let me warn is quilter's nirvana. The boys said I could have 30 minutes and David started his timer when I stepped out of the car. Thirty minutes in exchange for 10+ hours at Carowinds!?!?!? Hardly fair!

Once I entered the store, I got a text from the hubby saying to take my time. He was going to fuel up the car and take the boys to Best Buy and bribe them with new video games. He does love me. Sigh.

I did manage to find a nice red fabric for a quilt I have in mind, and then I got three half yard cuts of fabrics that were just fun! So I showed incredible restraint in my opinion, but I had a wonderful time. The workers are so sweet and they were so helpful. It's always a nice experience at Mary Jo's. Well, that and the acres of fabric...

We came home to find Kelly on the mend and some very happy dogs. We have more fun plans for this weekend. The boys are going to fly an airplane for the first time! Their daddy will be teaching them that skill. I'll be safely on the ground. :)

Hope your summer is full of fun and excitement too!


  1. Sigh. I miss summer fun with my kids. At least I get to go to the camp on weekends and swim in the river with the dogs! Hope you continue to have great summer adventures!

  2. For sure your husband must love you very much Diane! I hope you did a great fabric shopping. Enjoy your summer!

  3. I agree with Christine ! Your husband is so sweet and he certainly knows by heart what needs a quilter !!
    So enjoy this fabulous season ! See, sun, kids and fabrics ! :)

  4. looks like a fun trip! I love roller coasters
    I hope your daughters foot heals quickly - poor thing - ouch!!

  5. Looks like your summer has started with a bang!! I love summer too.


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