Monday, June 15, 2015

Quilt Show Review

My humble booth.

I spent most of last week at the East Cobb Quilt guild show, and I saw lots of you there! Thank you SO much to every single one of you adorable people who came up to me and said "Hi, I read your blog!" It made my heart so happy to meet you in person! It was also awesome to see so many folks from guilds I have visited over the past two years. I had so much fun catching up and seeing photos of your finished quilts. I felt like a proud mom every single time! 

Compost Piles pattern beautifully made by Lee Yarrell.

One of the greatest honors was the gorgeous quilt hanging in the show by one of my workshop attendees. Her beautiful version of my pattern was such a thrill for me. So thank you, Lee for mentioning me on your description card and letting me send everyone to your quilt and brag on your behalf! I could not have asked for a better endorsement!

I handed out 500 postcards and almost as many business cards in hopes of reaching new guilds and groups for programs and workshops. I do hope to hear from all of them and look forward to seeing each person again. With any luck, my calendar will be filling up quickly!

I also sold a few pin cushions that I made from leftover hexie blocks. I tied my business card to the back of each one in hopes they would visit my website as well.

A few folks added some polka dots rolls to their stashes for making Lime Twist.

Lots of folks picked up mug rugs for gifts and door prizes. Again, I stitched my card to the back so they can find me!

I only sold out of two patterns, made one frantic trip to the copy shop at night for more copies, spilled coffee on just one quilt, and made lots of new friends! I will have to call it a huge success. I had lots of laughs, got lots of hugs, shared lots of smiles and had more fun than I probably should have, but I am completely exhausted as a result. LOL

I must give some special thank yous... First, to the amazing Stella Lang for all of her work taking care of the vendors at the show. I also want to thank my sweet bee group for bringing me the most beautiful orchid to brighten up my booth, your support and encouragement keep me going. And I would still be packing up my car to come home if it hadn't been for the super generous work of my friend Martha Brach. She folded quilts, lugged boxes and lifted tables into my car with me. I am happy and successful only because of the beautiful people in my life that continue to inspire me, encourage me and lift me up every single day!

Thank you so much for a wonderful show!
If you need me, I'll be taking a nap. *wink*



  1. Your booth looks great - glad you had an awesome show!!

  2. Sounds like it was a labor of love!

  3. Your booth looks fabulous!! Wish I could have come.

  4. Sounds wonderful! Very fun to see Compost Piles as well.:)


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