Monday, June 22, 2015

Scrap Vortex

First there was Bonnie Hunter and her 'crumbs' approach that did not appeal to me because I never kept scraps that small. I was happy to pass along my 'crumbs' to others and see the gorgeous things they made from them. 

Then Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts shared her Scrap Vortex quilt. Which again, I admired but thought... no, that's not going to happen here. 

Until this weekend that is...I looked into my scrap basket and thought...WOW, there's some good stuff in there! And then it happened. I think I sort of combined the 'crumbs' and the 'vortex' and perhaps a little madness personal style and started my own version of this scrap insanity.

Maybe that's what I'll call my quilt ... Scrap Insanity!
I do have a plan that involves long rows of these and some sashing. It's a fun and easy change of pace from the 1718 coverlet. Besides, playing with pretty little pieces of fabric is always a good thing.

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Your Scrap Insanity looks bright and colorful so far! I still don't feel a lot of love for this type of scrap piecing, but maybe you'll inspire me.

  2. love 'em....scrappy is always gorgeous!

  3. I kind of feel like you--I looked at the Scrap Vortex and thought it was't something I could do--too random--lol! I love your blocks so far, I may need to rethink things!

  4. Love your fabrics ! I'm curious to discover the developments !

  5. Love these colors.. you must have some awesome scraps!!!

  6. fun! I want to do this one day. There used to be one called "a mile a minute" same idea.

  7. I haven't jumped on the wagon yet, but I love seeing all these popping up

  8. I have jumped in with both feet and love making this quilt! Your scraps are looking good! Love your name too.


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