Thursday, July 9, 2015

1718 Quilt along

Honestly, I haven't made much progress on this quilt in the last few weeks. I have sewn a few small sections together of finished blocks. Now, I need to prep more blocks for applique. I continue to be inspired by all of the gorgeous blocks and fabrics being shared in the Facebook group, but not enough to actually something done.

What I really need to do is gather the courage to tackle one more of these blocks. It's the biggest chore I'm avoiding at the moment. And I happen to be very good at avoiding some things...

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. I loooove the colors you used for this block !! Amazing !!!
    Come on Diane !! You can do it !! :)))))
    Hugs !

  2. Love all your fabric choices! Totally understand procrastinating on the bottom block - but it's going to be stunning!

  3. Your blocks looks so great! I'm taking my time with this quilt too, not even thinking about the heart star blocks yet. Yours are very inspiring!

  4. You are doing a lot better than I am--I'm not even sure where my blocks are right now. The heart block looks fun!

  5. You'll tackle it and master it, as well!


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