Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fresh Cut Fat Quarter Bundle

How long has this fat quarter bundle been sitting on my cutting table? Have I cut into it yet? Have I even unfolded the fabrics or untied the ribbon? It's not going to become a quilt for my bed by itself. The idea was that this was going to be my new 'summer' quilt for my bed. Time is running out if I want it to happen this summer. Sigh. It's not even a UFO its still a USO (un STARTED object).

I had better get busy!


  1. When you open it up, show us the pretty fabrics!

    1. I promise I will. Now if I could just decide on which pattern to use and not change my mind another 200 times. Good grief!

  2. Oh yes, I'm curious if this is the bundle I've drooled over a few times in the store! And I want to know which is worse, a UFO or a USO? I thought there was a lot more guilt involved in having cut into the fabric and then not doing anything more with it? lol

  3. What lovely fabrics !! I am impatient to see your future quilt !
    I have ordered a bundle at "lady belle" to change a little bit but not began a quilt at this time !

  4. Sometimes those bundles just have to sit and look pretty!


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