Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello July!

Wait a minute! It's already did that happen? I feel like life has been in fast forward lately. This summer is flying by and I want it to slow down so I can just relax and enjoy it. I'm not having enough fun. Actually, I'm not entirely sure what I have been doing. Let's see...

I finished this book today. It was a wild and crazy book filled with some serious drama and suspense. The main character was a 'hot mess' but more stubborn than any character I've read in quite a while. I did enjoy it. I read it in 3 days...because I wanted to find out how it turned out. I would recommend it if you like a good read with lots of suspense.

I harvested the first of the cucumbers and the largest was 14'' long!

I cleaned up the mess Boomer made after he decided his bed needed to be shredded.

I ate the most amazing s'mores dip with graham crackers that these kids made after a late night swim. I love my kids' friends almost as much as I love my kids! They were being a little goofy here...

I'm still eating this yummy slab of chocolate that my hubby brought home from Hawaii. I wanted to go with him so badly on this trip but he was afraid there wouldn't be an available seat for me on the way home and I might get stranded in Kauai. I failed to see the problem with that.

These two have kept me busy as well. They are best friends and serious tag team terrors. Boomer stole the pizza off the counter, and then Bailey finished eating it under the table while I scolded her brother. Sneaky and cute!

Luna still doesn't understand why all these dogs live here. She still claims every basket as her own and ignores all those crazy canines that keep trying to play with her.

Boomer was here...I have spent a lot of my time cleaning up these messes. Sigh.
Are you sensing a trend? Puppyhood is such a 'busy' stage.

Now that all three teens have their license and all three take turns driving their shared car and mine...I now have this on the side of my car. No one claims to know anything about it. Really? 

This guy and his brother loved their first flying lesson given to them by their dad. That will be happening again soon I'm sure! 

This girl loves this horse more than any other creature on the planet (sadly that even includes me I'm afraid.) They make a good team and they've won more than a few ribbons this summer. It's fun to watch them work and play together.

Bill and I celebrated 22 years of marriage in June. There's real sense of pride that goes along with surviving celebrating that many years of laughter and tears, triumphs and struggles. I'm just glad we still love each other. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been worth it!

So maybe I have had a little fun so far this summer...not to mention the trip to Carowinds, the ER visit for Kelly's foot, the kayaking, the movies, the shopping, the yard work that resulted in poison ivy for three of us, the daily running for the boys and the daily trips to the barn for Kelly. 

July promises to be almost as exciting. Our cousins will visit from Arizona. Kelly will go to horse camp with her cousin in Tucson, the boys will go to running camp in North Carolina, Bill will still be flying a lot, and I will do a trunk show and continue working from home on all my quilting adventures. That is, when I'm not wrangling three crazy dogs, or dealing with a very sassy cat. 

I promise to be back soon with more updates on the 1718 coverlet quilt along, the AMB mini challenge, a super cute book with a give away, and some updates on the work I've been doing with Craftsy. There might be few other things too, you never know!

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. It makes me exhausted just thinking about your schedule! :0)

  2. Summer does have a way of slipping away! Enjoy all your family during these fun times!

    1. For some reason your comments aren't making it to my in box anymore! I don't know how to fix that dang it. I hope you're having a fun summer too!

    2. I don't get kelly's either! how weird.

  3. Sounds like you are having a fun summer so far! I don't miss having a puppy, but I do miss having flocks of kids at the house. Congrats on your anniversary!

  4. My husband and I celebrated 22 years marriage too ! (on the 12th exactly).
    Enjoy your holidays with your sweet family, and funny puppies and cat !! You said time goes fast but you make 1000 things an hour !! LOL !
    Happy holidays et big hugs !

  5. I love seeing a glimpse of your summer! I miss having kids/teens running around the house, having summer fun.

  6. Oh puppies, teenagers, wine....LOVE SUMMER and enjoyed getting a peek into yours! Thanks for remind me of days past and why the empty nest is so quiet.:)

  7. what a fun post - oh boomer!!! flying lessons - how awesome!


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