Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Simply Moderne...

Have you picked up this magazine yet? It was due to hit newstands on the 15th and I found a copy already on sale the 11th. Yep, I did the happy dance right there in Barnes and Noble. It's okay, my kids weren't with me so I didn't mortify them. 

Quiltmania is without a doubt the most beautiful quilt magazine on the market (in my opinion) and this is their latest publication. I'm so stinking excited to soak up every project on every page in this issue. Did you know that the amazing Rachaeldaisy made the cover quilt!?! No surprise there.

Seriously, this is gorgeous cover to cover. Maybe one day I'll create something special enough for this magazine (hey, a girl's got to dream BIG!) Until then, I will just enjoy this issue.



  1. I agree with you for the Rachel's quilt ! It's my favorite too !!
    And I'm sure you can create a quilt for this magasine !! :)

  2. I am leaving now to see if my Barnes and Noble has it!
    Rachael does make the best quilts!

  3. I love the magazine but have trouble finding it. Is it discounted at B&N?

  4. I still haven't managed to find this one. I love their other magazine, so I'm sure this one is great too.:)

  5. We are so happy with this new magazine in France, showing modern forms of quilting!


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