Thursday, July 2, 2015


The queen has spoken and she has commanded that this is the year of the tumbler for 'leaders and enders'. I'm speaking of Bonnie Hunter of course. She really is the queen of quilting when it comes to scrap quilts, online quilting, quiltcam, online mysteries....just to name a few. I've never kept it much of a secret how much I admire her. I may have gushed about her a time or two (see HERE and HERE) and had the pleasure of attending  a workshop with her. That woman is amazing in so many ways. She makes the rest of us look like slugs. LOL

The good news is that this year her 'leaders and enders' are going to be tumblers. I also have not kept my love of tumblers a secret either. I actually have a 2" tumbler for sale HERE and a 5" version for sale HERE.

 If you want to order both, I'll include a free pattern for you through the end of July. Leave a comment telling me which pattern is your favorite and I'll pop it in the package with your treat!

As a matter of fact, my very first blog banner was tumblers. How funny is that? I still use it on my shop and a few other places. I've been loving these little tumblers for a long time now. I may or may not be working on a king size version of the 2" tumblers. But that would just be nuts...

When you order the 5" tumbler, it comes with the instructions for five different size quilts. It gives the number of tumblers needed, and half tumblers needed. The number of charm packs used if you are interested, and the finished dimensions of the quilts. All the math is done for you, so you can just start cutting and sewing!

Enjoy every tumbler!


  1. I love your tumbler templates--both of them! They make quilting so much fun.:)

  2. I already started cutting tumbler blocks from my dad's shirts - but using a dresden ruler. I just checked and they won't transfer over to your templates, so I'm out of luck. I'd re-cut, but I've already got a pretty big stack going. Hadn't planned on piecing the quilt any time soon, but that plan may change!

  3. All the math done for me....THIS is the template for me! I've not made a tumbler quilt yet....I know WHAT!? It's on my to do list now!


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