Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Baby Quilt

My niece had a baby recently and I wanted to make the little one a quilt of her own. I'm pleased with this quilt and while it's cute, it's not nearly as cute as it's new owner! I used my 5'' tumbler template and started with this fabric....

I then pulled fabrics from my scrap bin (a leftover border, and some smaller pieces) as well as a few fat quarters. Anything that went with the sweet fat quarter above made the cut. But I did try to keep it all on the softer sweet side.

It sewed together in a snap, no pins needed, and simple quilting along the seams. I don't like to quilt baby quilts too much because I like for them to be soft and squishy. I also added the binding to the back of the quilt, flipped it to the front, and machine stitched it down with a small zig zag stitch. It will be very durable and machine washable. I do hope it gets lots of use!

Enjoy every stitch!

If you would like to order the tumbler template please click HERE.


  1. Lovely quilt Diane ! I love his vintage style !!

  2. OH!!!! I recognize that fat quarter with the dogs and cats on it!!!!!! Diane I am so thrilled that you are using that fabric won on my give away for your great-niece's quilt!!! I am so honored and think it is perfect for a baby quilt. Love your tumbler.. I have always wanted to try this pattern/template. This might just motivate me to do that. Thank you again - I am so glad you are using this fabric in such a special quilt.

  3. The animal print is so very sweet for a baby quilt.

  4. very cute tumbler! Perfect for a baby especially the backing


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