Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Fall Y'all, or is it?

I've put the plastic pumpkins on the mantle, and draped the fake fall leaves on a quilt and over some chandeliers. I've baked the first apple pie of the season, and I've dusted off the crock pot. The mornings are blessedly cooler and the smell of autumn is in the air. 

And to be honest, this is the time of year I start to struggle. I feel the days shorten and my mood plummets. I know most people love fall. I actually love the apple harvest, the cooler weather, the warm comfort foods, the fire pit and all the fun sports and kid activities. But to me, it's also a signal. Winter is coming and I don't cope well with winter. I can't tolerate the cold weather, and here in Georgia winter means rain. Cold, drippy rain, with almost no sunshine again until spring. I find it hard to enjoy the things I love about autumn, because of the looming winter that is just around the corner.

Most folks don't know this about me. In reality, I work hard every day to find the beauty in the simple daily routines, and appreciate the joy of laughter and moments that remind me how much love surrounds me. I am concious to give kindness and make others smile, because it distracts me from my own 'winter woes'. I take advantage of the indoor hours to stitch and read and drink hot coffee. But inside I'm counting down until the sunshine of spring returns. And I HATE that! I hate that I can't embrace the season for what it is. I don't want to wish one precious moment away. But still, I find myself struggling.

I'm so thankful that I have these boys who love to run. I can soak up the last rays of the summer sun while they run cross country. I can watch my girl ride the horse she loves and I can count my blessings. I am truly blessed. And I am going to embrace the other things I love about fall. I just won't look too far ahead on the calendar. And maybe if I quilt enough, I'll forget what month it is...

Happy fall y'all,


  1. Have you thought of using sunlight therapy (via a special lamp) to help cope with the winter blahs? I don't have any clinical experience with it, but I have heard anecdotal evidence that it works. I don't cope well with winter myself, which is part of the reason my personal motto is "Never Live North of I-10"!

  2. Just thinking of how lucky you are to only have rain and not freezing drizzle, six feet of snow or the possibility of frostbite when you go out to get your mail should put a smile on your face--lol! I despise winter also and would love to pry my hubby away from the fish house out on the frozen lake and take me to Arizona--but I don't think it will be happening. Maybe it's the short days--waking up in the dark and cooking dinner in the dark--just seems so depressing!

  3. I understand what you feel about fall season as I feel exactly the same at spring, with summer coming next and the idea that again I will be hot and perspiring for more than three months and not being able to quilt!

  4. I'm not great with the cold either. I was lucky my husband was happy to live interstate from all our family because where we live the winters are much milder. Even then I like to hibernate during winter.

  5. I love Fall for its colors, the fire in the chimney, the apple-pies (!) the pumpkins soups ....but I can understand that you hate this season ! Many people don't like Fall and Winter for your reasons and we listen to you ! Don't hesitate to tell us what you think ! ;) It helps to be in a good spirit !

  6. So good to find someone who feels the same about winter as I do!! Everyone always says how wonderful autumn and winter are, the crisp cold days, the colors, the cozy time of year, but really, I;m just like you; counting away the days until spring.... No, it's maybe not a good thing, but I so understand!! My body aches, literally, for the warmth of the sun.
    So, know you're not alone in this. It doesn't make it better, but there are people like you!!
    My dream: someday buy a small house in California or Arizona where I can hibernate.... Will you join me when I succeed?!

  7. We are all wired so differently - aren't we? I love the autumn so so much and love to hibernate in the winter. I get stressed when there is so much to do in the summer, beach, flowers, lawn, in addition to the housework inside. funny, huh?
    My daughter swears by her "sunlight" therapy light in additional to low level antidepressants. There is no sun in the Ohio Valley all winter either -

  8. Ahh... Tha'ts how I felt when we lived in Oregon for almost 5 yrs. The rainy fall, winter, spring was terribly depressing to me. Where we live now I just have to get through the freezing cold winter and the crazy hot summers but I can handle it because I just love it here! lol Maybe someday your family will be in a position to move to a better climate.

  9. Sorry that winter gets you down - and so interesting to read the comments above - everyone is so different. I have to admit that "drippy rain" is celebrated around here and I hate the heat, but I can understand that many days without sunshine can get you down. Your dining room looks beautifully cosy and welcoming :)

  10. I'm sure you are not alone in feeling this way. Maybe this will be the year of sunshine 😉 And you are always welcome here in Pensacola.

  11. I dislike short days and long nights..... winter. Now that I'm dealing with degenerative arthritis, I physically don't do well when it is cold. Try and get yourself into a positive mental state and hopefully that will get you through. At least winter isn't forever!


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