Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10 Minute Tip

Inside/Outside Sashing Strips: When sashing strips are required between rows of a medallion style quilt I prefer to sew them onto the borders, before sewing them onto the quilt top. I do this for several reasons. It requires fewer times that the entire quilt has to be fed through the sewing machine. It also allows me to sew a sashing to each border, therefore, I'm only sewing a sashing strip onto the quilt top each time. Fewer points to match, fewer mistakes to make. The trick to be consistent in the way you add the sashing to the borders. I always add the Inside sashing strips to the top and bottom borders of the quilt. I always add the Outside sashing strips to the left and right sides of the center block, and then to the side borders. Take a look at the photo above and see how this is done. Now my sashing and border strips are one unit and can be stitched to the center of the quilt. Works like a charm!

Enjoy every stitch!

I'll be back with more quilt along progress tomorrow!


  1. It looks like a great idea. I'm not sure I could keep from messing everything up though, the way my brain thinks!

  2. Well that's a new one to me. What a great tip!! And I'm jealous of your MATO progress. I got sidetracked LOL!! Yours looks wonderful.

  3. Best tip I've read in years!!!! Thank you! (lynnstck[at]yahoo.com


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