Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 Minute Tips

Sew your blocks into vertical rows instead of horizontal ones. That way you can attach them with just one pin to the design wall. They are easy to rearrange if needed and they can be quickly put up and taken down.

Sew the vertical rows into pairs. This prevents the need for feeding large chunks of the quilt top through your sewing machine more times than necessary.

Sew the vertical pairs together to finish the quilt top. It's so super fast and and easy.

Here it is with the borders. Just adding the final quilting to it and binding it. It might even be finished in time for halloween! Fingers crossed...

So, do you sew your rows vertically or horizontally? Just curious.
Enjoy every stitch,


  1. Great tip! Love those little pumpkins on the borders...so cute!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. I usually sew horizontally and then in pairs, etc., but your way makes great sense. Going to try it! Love the combo of green, orange & black in your pumpkin quilt!

  3. Love your new quilt! The pumpkin border just sets it off. I just tend to think horizontal, but vertical does make sense if you're using a design wall. Great tip.

  4. I absolutely love this quilt! The scrappiness is wonderful and the pumpkin border is perfect!

  5. my last finished top was a pretty big one and with larger quilts I hate sewing on the borders - I want them to lay totally flat....so I looked at my three sections and before I stitched them together I stitched the first border on each outside edge - so much easier wrangling the smaller bits than the whole top. If you were adding a mitered border, you could attach the entire side border -

  6. I usually sew horizontally !
    Love your quilt with these beautiful colours of Halloween and the border with pumpkins is a real success !
    So clever Diane !!

  7. I usually sew my quilt together by spider-webbing them so it's kinda the same thing?

  8. This is a great tip and a stunning beautiful quilt!

  9. I just adore your pumpkin border!! It's fantastic!

  10. I usually sew mine into 4's so I don't have a lot of long seams.


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