Friday, October 9, 2015

Insanely Yummy Sandwiches

On my  recent trip to NYC I enjoyed some amazing food. But I honestly can say that I had not one, but TWO sandwiches that were the best I've ever eaten. I wrote down the ingredients to try to recreate them at home. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos! I must have been too hungry. LOL

The first sandwich I fell in love with (and no, love is not to strong a word here, trust me) was a divine creation from Central Market Deli in Grand Central Station. We had read about the food court at Grand Central and knew it might be a good place to let the kids really try some new things. I wanted a vegetarian sandwich that I could share with my daughter if needed, and I am so glad I didn't need to share it, I ate every last bite! Okay, I let her have one bite, and she loved it too!


Strawberry Slices
Cranberry Chutney
Buttered Italian Roll

Slice the brie thin and layer it with the strawberries and chutney. Butter or spread olive oil on the roll, Panini press it to perfection for melty cheese. You may have a spiritual experience eating this. (Just saying.)

The next sandwhich I fell in love with was at the top of the new One World Trade Center building. We knew we wouldn't have time to stop for lunch before our ferry ride out to the Statue of Liberty so we decided it would be worth the time saved to pay outrageous prices for a sandwich with a view. And it was. And the prices turned out to be not that outrageous after all. We did share a bag of chips so maybe that helped. Hahaha


Proscuitto sliced thin
mozzarella sliced or diced
baby mixed greens, a generous portion
pesto, spread to cover every bit of the bread
tomato, sliced and roasted (sundried might work)
oil and vinegar dressing sprinkled over the entire thing.
Served on a toasted french roll. You know the kind, super crunchy on the outside with soft interior, The kind that creates crumbs everywhere! Yep, the messier the better.

This sandwich was warm because the bread was toasted before the ingredients were layered onto it. It was like eating the best salad ever on a sandwich. Know what I mean?

I plan to make these sandwiches many times! I think they would be good served with fruit or soup.

Enjoy every bite!


  1. Ok for the second but the first ..... ! Some brie with strawberry ??? Wow... strange but I can believe that it must be good....
    In France we eat brie with some wine and baguette .... yummy !

  2. Glad you are enjoying your trip and the awesome food you can find in NYC!

  3. yum! love fancy sandwiches! I like Cecile's style ;)

  4. I've never heard of strawberries in a sandwich. I've got some growing in my garden so I'll have to give it a try. That second one sounds like the sort of thing I'd get if I go to a cafe for lunch. Yum.


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