Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Midnight at the Oasis Quiltalong Progress

There is a reason why I consider myself an utter failure at quilt alongs. I can't stop. I can't restrain myself and just do the next step and stop. I have to keep going. It's not that I'm trying to win the's NOT a race! I'm just unable to stop myself. There are worse things I could be guilty of so show a little mercy please. 

Last week I shared some of the applique close ups, you can see those photos HERE. I decided to add those appliqued borders to the center unit of the quilt. Notice, the stems are only pinned down. They still need to be hand stitched to the background. They were left longer so I could do this. This photo was taken before I appliqued a flower onto them where they meet. 

Yesterday I shared my method for adding the sashing strips to the borders before sewing the borders onto the quilt. If you missed that just hit the 'back' button at the bottom of the page. By sewing those skinny strips to the borders, I have to bring the entire quilt top to the machine only half the number of times I would have if I sewed each strip individually. Kind of genius isn't it?

This photo has the flowers in the baskets!

One would think that if I've had time to piece all of those tiny little churn dashes and itty bitty checker boards, and sew all those skinny sashing strips, I could have added these last two borders, but it hasn't happened yet. It will, soon, I hope. Fingers crossed. 

I am still absolutely loving everything about this quilt. These bright colors make me smile and I will never ever ever get tired of polka dots. Ever. 

Don't forget to check HERE to see how the others are doing on their quilt along progress. I'm having fun watching the color and fabric choices others are making. This is just such a happy quilt. 

Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Happy bright fizzy quilt !!!
    It's just awesome and you're addict to it .....I agree with you !!

  2. You make it all sound so easy! Love how it looks so far - so bright and cheerful!

  3. This is fantastic! I need to get going on mine, you are inspiring me!

  4. You crack me up. Most people struggle to keep up with the month to month and you zoom right along! Your quilt looks wonderful! Love the polka dots and bright happy vibe so much.

  5. I love everything about this quilt, but particularly the colours!

  6. Oh this quilt is my favorite...I can see why your couldn't stop as it looks like it was fun to make!!!!


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