Thursday, October 22, 2015

Quilting with my iPhone

Ok, so I don't actually QUILT with my iPhone, but I use it for quilting all the time. I've mentioned a thing or two in my 10 Minute Tips but there is a whole list of ways in which I use my iPhone for quilting. (And no this is NOT a sponsored post, but I sure wish it was!) LOL

Here's the most frequent uses I find handy:

1. Color combinations are everywhere. I take random photos of things that have appealing colors. I will snap a photo of a billboard, or even a pair of socks. If it has interesting color combinations that might be fun for quilting, I snap a photo and then my memory doesn't have to get clogged up with this stuff.

2. I take photos of my settings on the sewing machine. When I'm doing work that requires special settings, stitch length, or needle position, I just snap a photo if I have to walk away or turn off the machine for a while. It works perfectly and there isn't be any guessing needed.

3.  I audition fabrics with my phone. If I'm out fabric shopping and I can't decide between two or three fabrics. I will position them all together and snap a photo. Sometimes it's just easier to see how a fabric or color will 'read' in a photo rather than in real life. I do this all the time!

4. Bathroom floors and other tile surfaces are great ideas for quilt patterns. I can't even tell you how many tile floors I have taken photos of. It probably wouldn't be something I should admit anyway. Let's just say that I see block designs and border ideas everywhere!

5. Taking notes. There is a little note pad icon on the phone. It's perfect for making lists and jotting down reminders. I have a note for each quilt guild I belong to. I write down which date I'm supposed to bring snacks, when I am supposed to return library books, etc.

6. There are several good apps for quilters as well. I think what's available may be differen for iPhone users than for android users. So a quick search in your app store will let you know which ones are available. Lots of them are free, so there's no reason not to check them out.

7. The calculator function is perfect for figuring yardage. I know that there are yardage apps available, but I just use the calculator and can figure what I need quickly.

8. Let's not forget Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. There is endless inspiration to be found for quilters on social media. I have joined several groups and love checking in to see what others are sharing every day.

How do you use your smart phone for quilting? I would love it hear your suggestions and ideas as well. Now grab your phone and go quilt!



  1. I use an app called Adobe Ideas on my iPad. I can import a picture of a quilt top and then "draw" on it. This is really useful for auditioning quilting designs.

    1. That sounds cool! I'll have to check it out. Thanks!!

  2. Hello Diane !
    I can call with my phone ! I can sent some SMS ! I can take some photos ! I can go on IG with it !
    That's all .
    Yes I can say it : my phone is a ........dinosaur !!! but it works !! :))))))))

  3. I love my iPhone and use it almost like you, it's a genius tool, kind of miraculous... never without my iPhone!

  4. Had trouble posting - hope this is not a duplicate! My #1 use for my iPhone and quilting is the same as your #2 - makes it so easy to remember my settings!

  5. And did you know you can corral all that quilting stuff together in one app called Evernote? You can organize notes, pictures, checklists - just about anything you can think of and have everything available to you on your phone, iPad or computer. You can also share info among friends and family. Android or iPhone.

  6. I love the note part too and use it all the time. I love the idea of the sewing machine settings because I always forget!

  7. like kelly, notes is one of my favorites too. at my workshop I encouraged everyone to photograph hexie combinations they liked and remarked "how did we quilt without smartphones" lol I see you agree!
    I sent you a direct message on IG yesterday ;)


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