Monday, October 12, 2015

The cutest little quilt shop ever!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Sew Main Street. I needed to get some quilts from a friend who had borrowed them and naturally a quilt shop seemed the appropriate place to meet! This shop is an hour away from my house but worth every minute of the drive. Why do I consider this an awesome quilt shop? 

Here are a few reasons...

LOCATION: It's in an adorable old home that has been updated and completely converted to a well-lit, well organized shop. The inspiration begins on the front porch with samples and quilts and flowers. It is so inviting, it makes you wonder what treasures will be found inside.

WELCOMING: Once inside the front door, you are greeted by an adorable wood wall full of notions and a vintage store case filled with goodies. The register area and counter space are available for piling up your purchases! 

SAMPLES: Every where you turn, the counters and shelves are filled with cute little samples, precuts and notions for the projects featured. It makes picking up everything you need for one project super simple (not to mention irresistable!)

ORGANIZATION: The side room is home to the cutting table in front of a sunny window. The giant wooden bowl features fat quarters and fat eigths. This room is also home to the display of books, solid fabrics, a whole corner of polka dot fabrics, and a great selection of black and white prints. Just behind this room is the 'kitchen' with all of the amazing items that are on sale.


EASY TO SEE: Each room has a theme or common concept. These Kaffe's on the floor coordinate well with the other lines on the bench. It is so easy to pull them out and compare which combinations work best. 

EASY TO FIND: The walls are covered in built-in shelves that are home to different lines of fabric that can be easily mixed and matched for anything you might be planning. I was looking for pumpkiny oranges and found them in seconds!

PATTERNS: Patterns are hung next to the fabric lines that they compliment. They can be coordinated with the fabrics they are next to, or they can be carried around the store for more inspiration. But having things together only increases the temptation!

LATEST FABRIC LINES: The newest and trendiest fabric lines are featured with their samples even in this closet! They are well lit and beg to be brought home. What, you don't hear them begging? I do. Really, I heard them...and I answered! LOL

THE CLASSROOM: An entire room is devoted to the classroom with plenty of seating, a pressing station, and sunlight. Don't you just want to sit down and start stitching?

And just in case you get if. But it's a super cute sign isn't it?

Now do you see why I think this is the cutest little quilt shop ever? I am right aren't I?
If you plan to shop there any time soon let me know, we could meet up for a little shopping and lunch.

Enjoy every stitch,


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