Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Blog Posts of 2015

(my sweet real life friends Anne, Patsy, Kathy, Darlene, and Mary Ruth!)
This post is about my online blog quilt friends, but we haven't ever gone to lunch together, so I had to substitute my bee group, I hope they won't mind too much! I'm really thankful for them too!!

This post is actually about the best blog posts of 2015 and no, I'm not talking about posts I wrote. Although I do hope that you found a few favorites here along the way this year. I've really enjoyed my fellow bloggers thoughts and photos this year and I wanted to point you towards some posts that you will enjoy if you missed them the first time around.

Clicking on their name will bring you to a post from sometime in 2015, clicking on their blog title with bring you to the blog home page. It was hard to decide on just one post for each, but I know you will end up scrolling through and visiting more!

My friend Barb over at FunWithBarb is always good for a lot of eye candy and some giggles along the way. I really think she would be the best next door neighbor. Someone silly enough that you could get into trouble with but smart enough not get caught! Know what I mean?

My friend Audrey  at Quilty Folk has a way a talking about the fabric/stitching/design process that happens during quilting in a way that is almost spooky. It's like she grabs the thoughts right out of my head and explains them so much better than I ever could. She is so good at sharing her process and the steps along the way. Which is amazing because she gets so many quilts made in a year, that she always has something new and interesting to share.

Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts may have been distracted by three adorable new grandbaby boys this year, but she still managed to stitch up some awesome projects. I love her style and her playfulness. She never seems to take anything too seriously, but she sure makes her projects look professional.

Then there is Angie at Quilting On The Crescent, who is my hometown sister. She lives in New Orleans (I was born and raised in south Louisiana) and she has an approach and attitude toward scraps that really speaks to me. She always has multiple scrap projects in the works, but she never seems overwhelmed by any of them. She just stitches along and 'poof' there's another quilt. It must be something in the local cuisine.

And Karen of Nana Girl Quilts is the most amazingly talented quilter you could ever come across. She's been featured in shows and places I probably don't even know about but her skills are impressive. And she happens to be so sweet, and generous, and helpful...a quilting friend at heart!

Cecile at Patchwork Inspiration is fairly new to my world of quilting. She popped up from France and hid behind lots of modesty but do NOT mistake that English-as-a-second-language and charm for lack of precision with a needle. This girl can quilt and she takes on projects that will no doubt end up as heirlooms.

Sweet Christine of Quilting Stories is not only a quilting expert but her cooking and knitting skills tempt me to move to Greece so that I can join her stitching group. She features the most delicious recipes and her photography is stunning. She's worth visiting for the photos alone.

Lori from Humble Quilts is a busy girl and she inspires me daily! Not only does she run, and travel, and work but she quilts like nobody's business. Her style and charm speak directly to my heart. I love her humble quilts and her humble heart. She's a giver and friend to everyone she meets. Her quilts are visible treasures of her kindness and generosity.

And there are so many more quilt friends of mine out there in blog land that are just wonderful people and amazing quilters. I feel so fortunate to have the friends in the blog universe that I would never meet in real life because of the simple detail of geography. How lucky we are to have found each other from all across the world so we can share our passion for stitching with each other?

Thanks to each of them and each of you readers, for an amazing year of quilting in 2015. May your stitches be even and your iron always be hot, may your fabric be endless and may your quilts bring joy!

Happy 2016 friends!


  1. Oh many thanks Diane to quote my blog ! It's so nice to you....I know Barb's blog, Kelly, Karen, Christine, Lori but I don't know the blogs of Audrey and Angie ! I'm going to discover them with pleasure !
    I wish you the best for you and all your family for 2016. !!
    (And my English is not so good !! I make some mistakes !! ) :)

  2. Diane thank you so much for the shout out! I love your work and always look forward to see what you are doing next. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. You are so sweet! I think I'll have time after work to explore a few of these i'm not familiar with!! Happy new year!!

  4. I clicked through all the best posts! So much fun. I feel honored to be included in your roundup! About that iron always being hot, I'm glad mine has an automatic shutoff as I keep forgetting to unplug it.:)

  5. What a thoughtful post. I am so thankful our paths have crossed in Blogland. I hope we get to meet one day in person.

  6. I follow most of these blogs and will enjoy checking out a few new ones as well. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  7. I shall go visit both old and new blog friends due to this post. Thanks for all your sharing and blogging and inspiration, all the best in 2016

  8. I'm catching up on all my blog reading after a trip to Dallas to see my youngest son...
    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and "best" together! I have learned so much as a blogging quilter, but the friendships that are formed (no matter how "virtual") are the best result. I'm glad we've become quilting friends!

  9. Thank you for including me in your blog recommendations. I am so far behind on my reading, I'm just seeing it. I see you have included all my favorite bloggy friends.
    Happy New Year and thanks for all your posts and for sharing your book journey and your 10 minute tips


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