Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Candy (a quilt and it's story)

Pattern found here.

Years ago my quilt guild hosted a nine patch exchange. We made nine patches each month to swap based on categories. We also made blocks for a drawing. The drawing blocks were holiday or season themed, and each person got a chance to win all of them for every block that they made. I won the blocks for December which were green and white. I wanted to make a Christmas quilt from them so I added red and white half square triangles and lined them up in rows.

Photography assistant Bailey. 

My super talented friend with a long arm, Sue Hunston, quilted it for me. She did a lovely job quilting feathers in the rows. I didn't get any good close up shots because someone kept photo bombing my attempts. Bailey is such a camera hog. LOL

I like that I am reminded of my friends each time I look at the quilt. I love that there are fabrics that I would never have chosen on my own, included in this quilt. There are reproductions, marbles, conversational prints, and just about everything you can imagine. It's lovely because they are all made with love. The red and white half square triangle blocks are all scrappy as well. 

This quilt has had a few adventures of its own. A local quilt shop asked to borrow it to make up quilt kits. It was my first original quilt to appear in a shop and I was very honored. It has since lived at my house but it comes out every December to snuggle up under. It's also available as a pdf downloadable pattern in both my Craftsy shop and my Etsy shop. 

I keep meaning to make this quilt in other color combinations because you just can't go wrong with nine patches and half square triangles. I think multi colored nine patches with black and white half square triangles would be fun. Or purple, green and gold for Mardi Gras. Or red, white and blue for patriotic. Or blue, green and cream for the beach. See what I mean? Endless options!

For now I'll just enjoy my Christmas Candy


  1. Oh Ah! i love nine patch quilts and this one is terrific! I love swaps too and the memories and friends that are made with them - great Christmas Quilt!

  2. This quilt is simply gorgeous and I love the way you sewed it !! The nine patch block is indispensable in patchwork !
    The colors are perfect for Christmas !

  3. Haven't seen very many 9-patch quilts I don't likes! This one is perfect for the holidays. Love the way you set the blocks with the long rows of white and red!

  4. Great quilt and story! 9-patch quilts never fail to get my attention. And Bailey is the perfect quilt mascot!

  5. I loved hearing the story of your Christmas quilt. What a wonderful connection to your friends. Bailey seemed to enjoy being the photo bomber!

  6. That is such a great quilt, lovely setting and colors! Bailey is so cute:)

  7. I just love your quilt! I've been thinking for a long while about what kind of Christmas quilt to make and I think this is going to be it. Time to get out my box of reds and greens and enjoy some Christmas sewing.

  8. Just fantastic! I love this christmas quilt of yours Diane!


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