Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello December!

Hello toasty warm fires in the fireplace.
Hello soft holiday music.
Hello tiny twinkle lights.
Hello everygreen and sparkly ornaments.
Hello stockings hung by the fireplace.
Hello hot chocolate and peppermint sticks.
Hello family time all together.
Hello wrapping gifts and tying bows.
Hello quilting and stitching and hand sewing.
Hello parties and good cheer.
Hello new pajamas snuggly and warm.
Hello frosty mornings and warm mittens.
Hello hot simmering soup and warm crusty bread.
Hello snuggling pups and purring kitties.
Hello home full of kids and friends and family.
Hello giving and sharing and loving and laughing.
Hello December, so glad you are here!

May your December be filled with all of these good things and more.


  1. RIght!! It's such a joyful, reflective time of year to celebrate and enjoy!! Merry wishes to you as well Diane.

  2. Thank you Diane ! I wish December brings you all of these "Hello! !" !!

  3. December is a pretty wonderful month.

  4. We're getting our tree this next Saturday!

  5. Love this post - you really get december!


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