Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quiltmania SIMPLY Moderne Issue #3

This amazing magazine arrived on Friday. I can't even begin to tell you how much more I fall in love with this publication each time a new issue arrives. This issue is so full of goodness I hardly know where to begin...

This article by Mark Lipinski was worth reading every word. I have loved him since I first heard about him. His work, humor and style are so fun and genuine. I think this movement he is encouraging is sincere, heartfelt and truly what so many people need to hear in times like these. He is a gift to the quilting world, and this article made me see that in a whole new light. It's a must read.

 There were also lots of yummy photos and fun tidbits about the shows in Houston, Alsace, and Vermont. Reconfirming in my heart and mind that I do truly need to visit each of these shows in the future. It may not be this year...but one year eventually!

And truly the most delightful surprise for me was to flip the page and see this gorgeous article about LeeAnn Decker. the author of the blog Nifty Quilts. I have admired her for so long and to get this glimpse into her quilting life was nothing short of wonderful!

Oh, and there were some wonderful projects as well! LOL It is a quilt magazine after all, so the temptation with designs off-the-chart as usual. The scrappiness of this quilt really made my heart sing. I know that this is in my future, I only have to contemplate which colors I want to use. Sigh.

And how fun is this holiday quilt? No wonder it made the cover of the magazine. It's so gorgeous and humorous. My kids loved the the reindeer doing the splits. Too much eggnog perhaps? So fun!

Even the back cover made my heart skip a beat! This is the show I will be attending in April and the announcement for it makes me want to pinch myself. I am pretty sure I've never been so excited about a quilt show before in my whole life.

So if you happen to see this magazine on the newstand...snatch it up as fast as you can! Or order it here. There is a new US distribution for this magazine and it makes it super easy to subscribe to.

Enjoy every page!

THE FINE PRINT: Quiltmania did not pay me for this review, they did provide a free issue for me to preview. I would like to thank them very much, and assure readers that these opinions are entirely my own.


  1. I loved the last issue of Simply Moderne, so I guess I will be picking up this issue sometime soon!

  2. OMG I'm so excited for LeeAnn! wow! I HAVE to get this issue!!!
    Poor Mark, have you seen how he is on FB? sad. He's a great guy, I've known him for year.
    He called me (and many others) Ms. Thang.

  3. You will absolutely LOVE the QuiltMania show! I went two years ago and would go every year if I could.

  4. Looks like a great magazine! Nifty Quilts? Cool!!!

  5. You've done a beautiful review on a beautiful magazine! It still hasn't sunk in that my quilts and face are included. I love Carol Veillon. We had such fun when she visited this summer. Lucky you, going to the show this April! I hope to go someday too.

  6. Isn't it gorgeous ? What's your favourite quilt in it ?

  7. I just got mine today and can't wait to sit down and enjoy it!

  8. Yes, I got my copy as well and have dog eared several pages. Loved the cover especially. It really is FULL of inspiration.

  9. Great issue for featuring LeeAnn and her wonderful quilts!


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