Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Mail

Oh it was a happy day for sure when this arrived in the mail. I can't begin to describe how much I love this magazine. I think anything produced by Quiltmania is beautiful but the variety found in this particular magazine is never less than stunning.

Not only are the quilts gorgeous but look how sweet the graphics are? I just love the how the magazine itself is art.

I never fail to be inspired. When I look at this quilt my mind starts spinning. I think of all the color options and fabric choices that could also be amazing with this design. I think bright 30's in the background with solids for the stars would be fun. Or how about plaids with black and red? See what I mean? Too many good options!!

And then there is always some wonderful technique or method that is showcased. This one has lots of gorgeous close up photos as usual.

And there is always a nod to the vintage. This polyester beauty from the 70's proves that all things from that decade were not tragic. Isn't this amazing?

And perhaps my favorite vintage quilt featured is this one. Just imagine the countless contemporary versions that will soon be made. This one breaks every rule the quilt police could possibly think of, and yet, it's amazing. I sure wish I could have met the person who stitched this one.

So while I'll be snuggling up reading this issue from cover to cover and back again, run to the nearest bookstore and grab your copy quick! They sell out fast. Or even better, you can go here to subscribe.

Enjoy every page!

The fine print: This is not a paid endorsement, but I did receive this copy free for review. The opinions are entirely my own, and I really do LOVE this magazine. I promise.


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