Monday, February 8, 2016


Help! (Local folks only) I need an RSVP from each of you that plan to attend this event...

Meet the Author (that's me!) At Bulloch Hall, Roswell, GA 
Sunday, March 6, 2016  5-7 pm
Wine, cheese, and live music
View all of the show quilts in Bulloch Hall
Visit with the Author (still me!)
Enjoy a short presentation by Diane Knott (the author, me!)

Send me an email, text, leave a comment, message in a bottle, whatever...
Please plan to be there and let me know so we don't run out of wine!

I would be most grateful,


  1. Splendid quilt! That orange and red combination is wonderful. I have never been to your part of the country. Wish I could.

  2. I'm afraid I'm another that admires your work but can only wish to attend. That is a beautiful quilt draped over the fence.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. Your quilt on the fence is gorgeous.


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