Thursday, March 24, 2016

Scrap Quilt Secrets Blog Hop Day 4

Today we will visit my friend Karen at Nana Girl Quilts. Karen has quilting skills like you wouldn’t believe! She has made some incredible quilts, and I know you are going to enjoy checking out her blog. Don’t let her skills intimidate you, she’s really sweet too! She lives in Florida and with any luck I’ll get to meet her in person soon!

Thank you so much Karen! 

Enjoy Hopping,


   Here's the complete list of blogs and dates:

3/21    C&T Blog
3/22    Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville
3/23    Lori at Humble Quilts
3/24    Karen at Nana Girl Quilts  
3/25    Audrey at Quiltyfolk
3/26    Pat Sloan at Pat Sloan
3/27    Valerie at  Val's Quilting Studio
3/28    Kelly at  Pinkadot Quilts
3/29    Victoria Findlay Wolfe at  Bumble Beans Inc
3/30    Rachaeldaisy at Blue Mountain Daisy
3/31    Angie at Quilting on the Crescent
4/1      Julie at  Me and My Stitches
4/2      Barb at Fun with Barb


  1. Congrat's on your new book, Diane! (Karen suggested we stop by and say hello.) Interesting how many of the ladies who will be reviewing your book are ones whose blogs I already follow. We must all have something in common. Could it possibly be scraps?? I'll be dutifully leaving comments each day, hoping to be a book winner, but if not, I'll be buying your book. Love your S-C-R-A-P-S recipe for success. Makes perfect sense.
    Best of luck with your new book. I'm sure it'll be a great success, Diane.

  2. I love working with scraps so I hope I win your book. But if not it will be put on my need to buy list.

  3. Thank you for telling us about this wonderful book! I love scrappy quilts and I am always mind-boggled at just how the quilter puts them together looking so amazing.

  4. Enjoying the blog hop. I love Karen's blog, and have followed it for some time.

  5. Great blog hop ......I have been making a few scrappy quilts here and there....


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