Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Annual Quilt Show...

The Annual Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild Show started yesterday. It will be open through next weekend.  The guild had our Preview Party on Thursday morning. It was fun to walk through the house and see all of the quilts hanging. Upon walking through the front door, the cover quilt from my book is the first quilt to greet you! I hope it puts a smile on the face of everyone entering the show!

Also on the first floor in the 'warming room' is Razzmatazz. It's a fun quilt from the book that uses the tiniest of scraps!

In the 'dining room' is Zephyr. It looks good hanging in a dark room because it's feels a little stormy to me.

On the second floor of the house, in one of the bedrooms, Peppermint Pie hangs by the door. It is another very large quilt so it needed lots of room.

In the same bedroom, Sawnee Shadows hangs over the bed. I makes a cozy little addition in the corner.

Finally, up in the attic, the rest of the quilts can be found. Some folks don't like the attic because the stairs are little steep and uneven, but I have fond memories of playing in my great aunt's attic and this place reminds me of that. The uneven floor boards and exposed beams have so many stories to tell.
Homespun Hearts is hanging at the end of the room by the window.

And along one wall are the last four quilts from the book (six others are not hanging in the show). Detour is in the corner and had to be folded at the top so as not to drag on the floor, but it still looks pretty nestled between some other stunning quilts.

Paper Chain is hanging just a few quilts away, and it looks fantastic framed by the wood ceiling and wood floors.

The final two quilts are Gift Baskets (made from selvages) and Tipsy Tac Toe (a black and white study in contrast). That goofy grinning lady in the middle is me! LOL

The quilt show committee did an amazing job once again, organizing and hanging all the amazing quilts. I hope to get photos of some of the others while I am working at the show this week. A huge special thanks to my friend Sharyl for coordinating the entire thing!!!

Don't forget, you can see all the quilts, enjoy some wine and refreshments on the porch, and visit with me and buy my book tomorrow night! Here are the details...

Bulloch Hall Author Reception
Sunday March 6, from 5-7 pm
Come see all the quilts in the show and from the book.
Wine and cheese reception with live music.
Quilt guild member are free, all other $10 admission.
I'll be signing books and sharing stories!

I hope to see your there!!


  1. Your quilts are stunning and I really love to discover them in this post !
    Lovely photo with you on it too !
    Congratulations again Diane and fingers crossed for tomorrow ! I'm sure it will be a success !

  2. What a cool place - all of your quilts (and you!) look amazing!

  3. How exciting! I just printed a couple of pages of your book to take to my sewing room and work on this weekend.

  4. What a lovely display of your quilts. The venue looks like an ideal place to allow everyone a good look at the quilts from your book. You look as cute as can be. What an exciting time in your quilting career.

  5. Oh they look fabulous! I'll bet you can't stop smiling. Have fun tomorrow.

  6. What a great place for a quilt show! Hope the book signing is a huge success!

  7. How fun to see all your quilting hanging in such a great space! I'll be on the look out for your book!

  8. Your quilts look beautiful! How very exciting to have them all haning together! Congratulations!

  9. what a great display of your work! Congratulations it must be so rewarding. the committee did an awesome job. hope it was fun!


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