Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I know, I know, I know I said I would try to do this the FIRST Thursday of every month but things have been kind of hectic around here, so we'll just pretend like it's last Thursday, okay? Great!!

This quilt goes waaaaaay back and so does the photo! Sorry about the quality, if I could find the quilt, I would rephotograph it. This was the first quilt I made with this technique. This was so long ago that it was before the cool tool and patterns were available (link below for ordering.) We had to sew the rows of squares together and then use a regular ruler that we marked with tape. That would be why some of the pinwheels are skinnier than others. Ahem. That's ok. I learned a new technique and had fun, it's all part of the journey.

I used scraps for the inner border and created the applique for the outer border. This border has three hearts included in the applique, because of my 3 kids. And I added some random flowers and leaves, no reason really.

I am so proud of the machine quilting I did on this quilt. It is free motion and I did a feather variation in the border that looks great. Sorry the photo doesn't show it.

I've made other versions of this in both the tiny twister and the larger 10" bed version. They were both fun!

So that's it for my half-hearted, week-late, lame TBT. Sorry guys, I really will make more of an effort next month, Oh, except I'll be at the beach with the family, so maybe May will be the month I get my act together!



  1. Thank goodness tools and techniques change along the way. Those of us who have quilted for awhile have probably done some things the "hard" way. Consider what our great grandmothers would think of how quilts are designed and put together today. I bet they would embrace the changes.

  2. So cute and a great rendition of the Diane Knott Color Palette! I don't think I would've had the patience to do a Twister quilt without the tool. Have fun at the beach!


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