Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We went to the beach last week for Spring Break. We rented the same house as last year in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The kids each took the same friends as last year as well. It was so easy and laid back. We rented the bikes ahead of time, and scheduled the beach chairs and umbrellas for the week.

We really didn't have to do anything once we got there but relax...

That is after we loaded up at the grocery store. Six teenagers can eat a lot. Dunk them in water and they eat even more!

These two talked and laughed the whole week. They giggled from the moment they woke up and could still be heard giggling long after they closed their door for the night. I love that they've been best friends since first grade.

Even on the days that there were no waves, these guys would not be discouraged. They managed to have fun even when they weren't flipping out of their tubes.

We even took the kids parasailing for an afternoon. That was really fun and they all enjoyed it. I think that parachute would make a good color combination for a quilt.

Aren't they cute?

After dinner we walked to the ice cream stand, pretty much every single night! YUM.

I set up a little sewing station in the upstairs lounge area. It was quiet here with a nice view of the beach.

We watched the sun set from our roof deck every evening. It was so spectacular.

The week went way too fast and I cried when we left. The beach is definitely my happy place. It's so hard to say goodbye. 

Next year, Kelly will be in college and have a different spring break week than the boys. We may not make it to the beach. Gulp. I can't even think of the possibility without getting sad. Why did my babies grow up so fast? This girl has no idea how much I'm going to miss her while she's off having a wonderful time at college. I just tried to soak up every minute with her.

I'm just so thankful for every moment. It was a wonderful week in every way!



  1. Oh man, your post put tears in my eyes...for the fun you had and in remembrance of how fast they do grow and traditions change. Sooo glad you had fun and are wise enough to enjoy every moment. (Curious to see that quilt you had laying on the table in the above picture though. smiles!) V

  2. I love your photos Diane !
    For your daughter, you're sad, yes but i'm sure you will be proud too. Our eldest son who is 19, is a student in another town since 2 years and come back home twice a month....and it will be the same for our other son in one's life, we must accept that but we have to be proud of their hard work to succeed in life ....

  3. What a sweet post, so glad the weather cooperated and you made some precious memories.

  4. I kept seeing these instagram and facebook! What a spectacular setting. I'm sure you are savoring the memories. These are times the kids will not forget!

  5. Things do change. Just have to make new and different kinds of memories.:)

  6. Looks like you had a fantastic time and really treasured this time together!

  7. What a beautiful place for creating special family memories.

  8. What a perfect vacation! Nice, fun kids, a beautiful beach and view, and a sewing place. It really doesn't get much better than that!

  9. Sweet perfection! Would be nice to live there year round! :-)

  10. My kind of place, How could someone not unwind and relax in that setting!

  11. That looks like the most perfect holiday. perfect for rejuvenating and relaxing!

  12. looks like heaven on earth! so fun


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