Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Star Struck in Nantes

The Train To Nantes

Can someone please tell me why we don't have these wonderful trains in America? We boarded the train in Paris and arrived in Nantes less than 3 hours later. We crossed almost the entire country in comfort. We enjoyed the countryside while we zipped by it over 100mph. The ride was so smooth and quiet I could have easily slept the entire way but I was having too much fun looking at the villages, windmills, and hot air balloons. If we had these trains in the USA I for one would do so much more travelling.

The Hotel

We checkin into the hotel and found this lovely room when we opened the door. It's amazing what modern conveniences can be found in such gorgeous buildings that are hundreds of years old. I will admit to being a bit panicked when I went in the bathroom to find no toilet. Upon further search I found it in a tiny room near the door to the hall. Those french sure do love to hide their potties well. LOL

The Exposition Center

We wasted no time travelling from the city center to the Pour L'Amour du Fil show. The expo center is on the edge of town and sits next to a pretty lake. There were even two cute ponies grazing in the field between the entrance and the building the quilt show was located in.

Meeting Quilt Rock Stars

If anyone had ever told me that I would me Yoko Saito, Linda Collins, Mary Koval, Brigitte Giblin and Margaret Sampson George all in one afternoon, I would have had a good laugh. But that's exactly what happened! I found each of them in their little 'rooms' signing books and doing demos. (I have a signed book from each of them to prove it!)

They were each so lovely and friendly and happy to chat. When two of them told me they follow this blog I almost fainted. Seriously, they knew who I was? It may have helped that we were instagram commenting about seeing each other, but to walk into Linda Collins booth and be asked "Are you Diane?" Let's just say it was even more surreal than the room full of Liberty fabric I encountered the day before. Perhaps that explains the wild eyed crazy look on my face. LOL

The Quilts

Don't worry, I wasn't so star struck that I didn't enjoy the quilts. Oh the collections were amazing. Everything from vintage to Japanese denim, to current and recent quilts from the issues of Quiltmania. Getting up close to these masterpieces was so inspiring! I took so many photos, and I'm sure I'll share more. This quilt is from a recent edition of Quiltmania but I didn't get a photo of the information card. Duh.

Each of the designers' little rooms were decorated so wonderfully. It really felt cozy and charming. I think the Quiltmania show is the only one that does this and I must say I love it!

Room Service

By the time we got back to the hotel for the night I was too exhausted to do anything. I ordered room service and ate the most delicious quiche and salad in my pajamas by the open window. Another perfect end to an incredible day!



  1. All the creators were very open (receptive) and full of kindness ! How lucky we were to meet them !
    And yes, in France, the restrooms are separated from the bathroom because we want to be quiet in these moments !! Ah ! Ah ! Ah !

  2. Lovely! Our country is so much larger than France, but the trains would be awesome! We rode the tvg from Paris to Strasburg and it was a fun way to see the countryside.

  3. We have Amtrak but I agree that we need better train transportation. It looks like a grand time, thank you for taking me along.

  4. Now that you've done this and know all the ins & outs, would you please play tour guide and arrange a trip next year? ;-)

  5. I'd be starstruck too.:). Great fun for you and how incredible to see the Quilts up close & personal!

  6. I'd be starstruck too.:). Great fun for you and how incredible to see the Quilts up close & personal!

  7. How cool to see so many of the movers and shakers of the quilting world. Hey, you could be included.

  8. What fun! I can't even imagine the great time you had at the show. Oh, and nice necklace you are wearing! Lol!

  9. you make me smile, but surely I have the same ideas in US last year! love you necklace too!


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