Sunday, April 17, 2016

What a Week...

Lots of fun quilting stuff happened around here this week. First, this lovely little quilt arrived in the mail. Thank you Jan!!! I participated in the Humble Quilts Doll Quilt Swap. My quilt went to a quilter in the UK. I was so excited about finishing it and the personal label I added with hand stitching that I popped it in the mail without taking a photo! Good grief, sometimes I really get too excited.

Then I went to my Quilt Bee Group and enjoyed these amazing vintage blocks that my sweet friend Darlene rescued. She brought them to share with us and we oohed and aahed over all the interesting fabrics.

I also made a new friend at Bee Group. Shelly doesn't quilt but she sure knows how to enjoy a good belly rub. We had lots of quality time together. I kind of fell in love with her.

And this quilting foot and ruler arrived in the mail. I am determined to machine quilt curves that look like I'm actually sober when I'm stitching. I promise I am! I didn't have time to play with them yet because it's Prom season and I had three dresses to alter. Word gets out that you have a sewing machine and suddenly you're the alterations expert. NOT. I didn't mind really, but I'm pretty sure I'll be finding mini sequins in my sewing room for a very long time! LOL

Yesterday I had another book signing at Tiny Stitches. Thanks so much to each and every one of you who made me feel special and had such kind thing to say about my book. Afterwards, I was shopping a bit and saw my book on the rack in the store. Oh my goodness, there's nothing like that first spotting of your own book out in the world. It was really amazing. Thanks so much to Maetha and her fantastic staff for giving me so much support and inviting me to guest speak at the Saturday Sampler Programs. If you missed it, you can still purchase the book at the store.

Big plans for this coming week mean I may or may not get to blog, I'll share the details tomorrow. Still busy planning and packing!

Enjoy every stitch,



  1. I did squeee just a little over the vintage blocks - what great fabrics! Curious to see what you will do with the curved ruler and free motion feet.

  2. Oh that doll quilt is adorable and I sooo know what ya mean about mending....enjoy PROM season!

  3. That is a great week from cute furry faces to book signings!! That doll quilt is really beautiful!

  4. The quilt you recieved from Jan is so cute and sweet. Love those tiny pieces. Hope the alterations go as well as the book signing. Packing? You must be off on an adventure.

  5. Those vintage blocks are amazing. Looking forward to a review on the curved ruler.

  6. Love the vintage block! What fun to be checking those out. Really smiling at your excitement at seeing your book in the store! So thrilling for you!

  7. have a wonderful time! I have some of those vintage blocks too!

  8. Sweet doll quilt - and sweet puppy! Congratulations on your book. Scraps are great;).


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